Hello, I’m Wahiba Afifi.
I am 27 years old and I was born in the small town of Berchid, Morocco.
I graduated high school as well in Berchid and gladly, I was able to move to Marrakech and get my Cookery diploma from 2010 till 2012 and my second diploma us specialized technician in art culinary and art of intertaining. My past previous experiences were simple but yet very challenging which I so very like. I find challenges in work a puzzle like, which makes me want to put in extra effort. I have worked off in a bank as the assistance manager in operating everything within the business itself for a long while. I’ve also worked as the assistance manager of the hotel for a little while, which really my past experiences have gained me more of an idea of how the world and the inside marketing is like. Everything has a relation to it, wether it’s the people’s choices in food; hotels; looks and the structure of the buildings. Which really, has got me thinking towards Marketing and I was very intrigued of it. I hope that we’ll be able to cooperate for as that I know I’ll most definitely be a good worker in the hospitality area. Thank you

Last Resume Update September 6, 2018
Address Casablanca, Morocco
E-mail Wahibaafifi1989@gmail.com
Phone Number 00212654228961

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