Senior Logistics And Warehouse Manager

Rudolf Masarovic

Personal details: Born: 17th Oct.,1971, Address: Slovak Republic–Bratislava,Tel.:00421 911 171 061,Email–,

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, Windows, Baan, Oracle, IMS,Siebel, Pohoda,JIRA,partly SAP. Driving Licence: Yes

Personal Profile: 18 years in supply/repair management with multinational companies,experience from India,France,Slovakia & Czech.

Education: Master's-Slovak Technical University-Production And Distribution of Electric Power, State Language School-History, Literature & Language of English speaking countries.

Language skills: English / French: advanced, Russian: intermediate - Czech/Slovak: mother tongue

Courses /Trainings/ Awards:

Management of internet projects (Digital Marketing SEO) – Prima Futura,s.r.o.

Safety Leadership /HSE/ Training Certificate - Fluor Daniel

Relay Overview, GSM System And Products Overview, Product General Overview – Nortel Networks France

Pride Award certificate - Nortel Networks (recognition for outstanding contribution to logistics and repair activities).

Employment History:


Dobra Klima

Job position: Logistics And Warehouse Manager

  • Warehouse management – building maintenance, security procedures, repair, contact with suppliers and insurance.

  • Supervision of safety and health /HSE/ compliance, trainings management.

  • Management of inventory, cycle counting, in-bounds and outbounds management, financial control.

  • Web orders processing and internal database, stock level monitoring, replenishment, purchase orders placement.

  • Customers care, communication with outsourced logistics service providers.

Place of work: Slovak Republic.


Sales Miette

Job position: Senior Warehouse Logistics


  • Stock taking activities-stock level monitoring,replenishment, yearly iventory,cycle counting..

  • Inbound and outbound management.

  • Regular safety inspections /HSE/ and management of premises - preventive maintenance, repair.

  • Leading of safety and health trainings, monitoring of safety and health standards.

  • Receiving and dispatching of goods, paperwork management..

  • Web orders management and customers care.

Place of work: Slovakia

2013 - 2017


  • Consultancy within Supply Chain – logistics, transport, Warehousing, Customs Clearance, transport paperworks.
  • Internet sales.

  • Web sites optimization-search engine optimization consultancy.

  • Real estate activities.

Place of work: Czech Republic.

2007 - 2013

Job position: Senior Logistics Manager

  • Maintenance and repair service of premises, preventive maintenance inspections, cooperation with service suppliers.

  • Leading the safety and health trainings /HSE/ , monitoring of safety, health and security measures.

  • Logistics & transport analysis, recommendations for improvements, process setup and its implementation, SLA, SOP.

  • Costs savings analysis and financial control, optimization of logistics activities.

  • Stock volume monitoring, Purchase Orders management and stock replenishment.

Place of work: Czech Republic.

2006 - 2007:
Job position: Freight Forwarding Manager for Europe

  • Management of tenders for freight / transport providers, bid evaluations & price.

  • Documents management- Invoices, Packing Lists , Permits, Certificates for hazardous material and waste.

  • Warehouse activities-negotiation with warehouse providers to secure the stock keeping / inventory.

  • Regular contact with Customs House and support during clearance processes.

  • Managing and updating the internal database of European freight / transport providers.

Place of work: Czech Republic.

2005 - 2006:
Huawei Technology
Job position: Logistics Project Manager for Vodafone UMTS project


  • Preparation of tenders for logistics suppliers and evaluation of bids – RFQ, PL.

  • Preparation of SLA, SOP, WI, etc.

  • Negotiation with various freight forwarders -DHL, UPS, TNT, Expeditors… and warehouse providers.

  • Management of in-bounds and out-bounds, warehousing.

  • Regular contact with Customs House and support during clearance processes.

  • Claim process management-contact with insurance companies.

Place of work: Czech Republic.

2004 - 2005:
Kuehne+Nagel LeadLogistics France

Job position: CEE Logistics Project Manager-Temporary support

  • Purchase Orders monitoring - conference calls with factory team, customers, On Site and Off Site Project Managers.

  • Administration management - Certificates of Origin, licenses, permits, P/L, Invoices, etc.

  • Cooperation with Contract Managers (identification of conditions, requirements and local specification for deliveries).

  • Management of suppliers from China delivering sub-components, paperwork (C/O,P/L, Invoices, permits, licenses, Q/C).

  • Cooperation with Freight forwarders- negotiation transport conditions, price, lead time.

Place of work: France.


Kuehne+Nagel LeadLogistics
Job position: Nortel Networks Project Manager For CEE Logistics Operations.

  • Managing logistics activities for Nortel Networks – warehousing, material movements, mentoring and guideline provisioning.

  • Monitoring of safety and health compliance /HSE/ , leadership of trainings.

  • Management of repair and warehouse maintenance, cooperation with service suppliers, communication with insurance-claim protocols, photo documentation, report making.

  • Monthly financial logistics analysis for CEE and financial control of logistics providers.

Place of work: Slovak Republic

1999 - 2002:

Nortel Networks

Job position: Logistics Manager


  • Logistics analysis and optimization, proposals for improvement, its presentation, process making and implementation.

  • Regular inspections of security / maintenance precautions, cooperation with outsourced service suppliers.

  • Safety and health measures monitoring /HSE/ , leadership of training .

  • Management and financial control of external logistics provider.

  • Financial audits at the warehouse and physical inventory / cycle counting - budget, invoices, Price Lists.

  • Return & Repair activities - process set up, RMA, MTBF, monitoring of contractual lead time, repair costs.

  • Customs clearance support to the logistics forwarders / customs brokers.

  • Cooperation with Insurance – survey at the place of accident, photo documentation, Damage Protocols, Claims for Damage.

Place of work: Slovak Republic

1998 – 1999:

Inspekta Slovakia / division Federal Express/

Job position: Branch Manager


  • Management of administration staff and couriers.

  • Contact with customers, sales activities, resolution of problems with deliveries.

  • Reporting to the headquarters and financial analysis.

  • Cooperation with air freight companies and Customs House.

1997-1998: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. / Fluor Daniel Ltd.
Job Position: Global Material System Coordinator – Petrochemical - Oil &Gas.

Responsibility : Warehousing-stock keeping control, safety, health and security supervision during loading / off-loading, maintenance control, physical inventory and cycle counting,coordination of material deliveries, consultancy with quality/safety inspectors, leading the subcontractors, managing customs clearance, cooperation with insurance company-survey of damaged parts at the spot of accident, photo documentation, writing the Letter of Claims.

Place of work: Slovak Republic.

1994-1996: Skodaexport Ltd. / Indian Oil Corporation.

Job Position: Material / Customs Clearance Coordinator – Pipeline - Oil & Gas.

Responsibility: Safety, health and security supervision during loading / off-loading the vessels, trucks, maintenance of the warehouse, transport management, customs clearance, paperworks management, warehousing-cycle counting, inventory, stock keepers supervision and reporting,database updates. Meetings with customer-Indian Oil Corporation, cooperation with logistics supplier - Natvar Parikh, consultancy regarding international import / export regulations, Octroi and customs duty payment monitoring, contact with insurance-photo documentation, reports making, Letter of Claims.

Place of work: India

1986-1994: Bratislavsky stavebny podnik.

Job position: Inspector of Electrical Installation.

Responsibility: Inspection and safety control of electrical installation and regular check of the old ones, installation, consultancy with technicians and site managers during the process of installation,, final reports, approvals and certificates after completion of installation.

02.August 2018

Ing. Rudolf Masarovic

Last Resume Update March 7, 2019
Address Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone Number 00421 911 171 061

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