Experienced Software Engineer


APP CRUSADERS, INC. (Jan 2017 – present, Tokyo and Remote Locations) - Front-End Engineer

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Solely developed an admin dashboard CMS project that manages the character, monster and item data for a mobile game, adds and modifies admin accounts, and allows users to modify the pages of the dashboard
Led development in the following software projects:

o E-commercewebsiteprojectforaglobalfoodandmedicinecompany
o PrototypeR&DapplicationfortheRokuplatformpresentedtoRokuHQinCalifornia

Developed a prototype web browser game for Facebook Messenger and other game portals

DELIGHTFUL, INC. (Dec 2015 – Dec 2016, Tokyo) - Systems Engineer + Solely developed the following software projects:

o 3Dwebbrowserendlessrunnergamethatcanchangeacharacter’sclothesusingauser’sjerseydesign o DesktoptoolthatcanpackmultipleSVGfilesintoauser-definedrectangle-sizedSVG
o Webapplicationthatletsusersbuildtheirownpersonalizedlogosforfootballjerseys

SAMSUNG R&D INSTITUTE (Apr 2014 – Dec 2015, Manila) - Software Engineer




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Performed the following functions as interim team lead
o Leddailyscrummeetingsandsprintplanningsessions o Submittedweeklyandmonthlyprogressreports
o RepresentedteaminvideoconferencemeetingswithHQ o Didcodereviewsonotherdevelopers’commits
o Managedtheteamprojects’repositories

Led development in the following software projects:
o MobileappthathasVOIPfeaturessuchaspush-to-talkcapabilities,voiceandvideochat,andmessaging o MobileappthatcanrenderwebpagestoreadingmodeandconvertthemtoPDFfiles
o Mobileappthatcanremotelycontrolanothermobiledevice
o iOSportofaC++audioengine

Developed the following software projects:
o Webapplicationthatcanremotecontroldevices,monitortheirscreens,streamvideo,andfilesharing
o Userinterfaceofasmarthomeapplicationdevicethatcontrolslighting,energyusageandemergencyalerts

Resolved mobile device issues specifically related to core systems (Android and Linux Kernel), vis-a-vis coordinated with QA testers abroad
Conducted programming courses such as C programming, JavaScript and Android NDK to fellow engineers

U.P. SYSTEM IT FOUNDATION, INC. (Apr 2012 – Apr 2014, Manila) – Software Developer and Instructor



Led development in an admin dashboard project that visualizes production output of a company’s factories in China o Didrequirementsanalysis,databasedesignandUIdesign
o Implementedfront-endandback-endmodules
o Performeddatamigrationfromclient’sdatabaseontonewlydesigneddatabasefortheapplication

o Wroteandmaintainedscriptsthatacquiresnewfactorydatadailyanduploadsittoserverdatabase
Conducted programming courses such as C, C++, Java, SQL, and web development courses such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript

U.P. IT DEVELOPMENT CENTER (Apr 2012 – Apr 2014, Manila) - Senior Game Dev Training Officer


Performed the following duties as head of the game development program:
o Oversawtheprogressofthestudentsenrolledandupdatedthecurriculumandcoursematerials
o Conducted game development courses such as Unity3D, Game Math and Game Physics and programming courses

such as C, C++ and Java
o OrganizedagamedevelopmentscholarshipprogramsponsoredbytheDept.ofScienceandTechnology o RepresentedthecompanyintheGameDevelopersAssociationofthePhilippines
o Conductedteachertrainingsandspokeinseminarstootherschoolsaroundthecountry
o WasinvitedtobeaguestspeakerforagraduationceremonyheldattheUSAEmbassy

RAREJOB PHILIPPINES, INC. (Apr 2011 – Apr 2012, Manila) - Systems Developer

  • +  Solely developed a web application that lets tutor trainers reserve their schedule for trainings
  • +  Developed new features for the Tutor website, such as making a Careers page and rebuilding the Registration page;

    fixed several errors on the current features of the Tutor website


Last Resume Update September 29, 2018
Address Jidd Ali, Bahrain
E-mail royerwin.delacruz@gmail.com
Phone Number +97334630516
Website https://www.linkedin.com/in/royerwindelacruz/

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