Principal/ Lead/ Project / Senior Telecom Design & Consultant Engineer Project Management

Application for Principal/ Lead/ Project / Senior Telecom Engineer Project Management

I am a Senior Telecom Engineer having worked on various Aramco infrastructure Project covering FEED, Proposal, detailed design, Procurement and Construction stages since 2003.

  1. I am BICSI Certified RCDD
  2. I have experience in OSP, SCS, DATA, WLAN, VOIP Telephones, Indoor and outdoor Wifi, RADIO TETRA, CCTV, Security system HCIS Compliant, In plant Paging System, and Fire alarm Communication system.
  3. I have worked as Senior Design Engineer on the following Mega Projects of Saudi Aramco, besides many other small Aramco projects.
  4. Manifa Crude Processing Plant,
  5. Karan Gas Plant (Khursaniyah)
  6. ITHRA – King Abdul Aziz Cultural Center
  7. ALMIDRA Building Dhahran
  8. UPDC Building Dhahran
  9. I have worked as Aramco Project Management Consultant PMC as SAPMT for Saudi Aramco Mega Projects like
  10. Hawiyah Unayzah Gas Reservoir (HUGRS) Storage Project Saudi Arabia.
  11. Shedgum Uthmaniyah Gas Compression Project , Saudi Arabia
  12. Fadhili Gas Programme, Saudi Arabia
  13. Shaybah NGL, Saudi Arabia
  14. I have also worked as Lead Telecom in EPC projects for Detailed design, Procurement and construction in the following Projects
  1. Mega Project of Unconventional Gas Project, Turaif
  2. BI Asphalt expansion plant Ras Tanura
  3. Besides, I have also worked on various LSTK Aramco BI Projects.
  4. LSTK- Seven GOSPS Substations Upgrade in Eastern Province.
  5. I have also worked in Ministry of Defense ( MODA ) Saudi Arabia as a MODA rep (PMC) , Telecom Engineer on Prince Sultan Air Base Project in Alkharj Saudi Arabia.
Last Resume Update January 14, 2021
Address Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Phone Number 00966502846921

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