Application for the post of Computer Science teacher

Dear Sir/Madam,
Sub: Application for the post of Computer Science teacher
This is to inform you that I would like to apply for the position of computer science teacher in your esteemed organization. My experience and skills rightly match your requirement.
Sir, I have a master's degree in computer science and perusing my Ph.D. in Computer Science, with 15 years of teaching experience in the field of Computer Science. I would like to work as a full-time lecturer in your esteemed institution.
Teaching has always been my passion and it is one of the noblest jobs. In addition to the teaching,. My key responsibility in my earlier workplace was to teach computer related concepts. In addition to this, my duties included a doing research work, publishing research papers and supervising students in practical sessions. I made sure the students learned and understood the subject properly. I am patient; understanding and can commute well with my students. I was appreciated for my work and got positive feedback from my students and their parents. I am sure that I can prove my efficiency in your institution just as I proved in my earlier workplace.
Hope you would give me an opportunity as a teacher r in your organization, use my skills and experience to its full potential in the right direction.
I'm waiting eagerly for your affirmative reply to help me to organize my career on a right note. My contact details, phone: +91-9626362108.
Thank you so much for reading my letter and for considering me for the place.
Sincerely, Mohamed Khan

Last Resume Update February 19, 2019
Address Nagercoil,, India
Phone Number 09196263621


Shaqra University, Ministry of Higher Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Lecturer - Computer Science
Jan 2013 - Sep 2018

➢ Plan, prepare and deliver outstanding lessons to provide students with the opportunity to achieve their potential.
➢ Ensure that lessons are engaging and stimulating taking into account the individual needs of the students.
➢ Manage, develop and share resources to enhance the teaching of ICT and Computing.
➢ Contribute to the objectives of the curriculum area within the school objectives and take part in an annual
➢ Review of the subject and curriculum area.
➢ Prepare lesson plans and schemes of work as agreed with the Head of Faculty.
➢ Monitor the progress and achievement of the students following the course and identify the
➢ Appropriate intervention strategies for underachieving students.
➢ Maintain effective behavior management in the classroom using positive behavior strategies to ensure learner’s engagement in the lesson.
➢ Assess appropriately the work of the students following the course in accordance with the school assessment policy
➢ Keep records of students’ progress and achievement and set appropriate targets.

King Saud University, Ministry of Higher Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
lecturer in Information Systems
Mar 2009 - Jun 2012

➢ Assisted students in recruitment and outreach activities. ➢ Having a secure knowledge of the curriculum. ➢ Plan and teach well-structured lessons which are documented and reflect the institution schemes of work. ➢ Set homework in accordance with school policy and procedures. ➢ Make accurate and productive use of assessment including using data to monitor progress, set targets and plan subsequent lessons. ➢ Give students regular feedback, both orally and, through accurate and diagnostic marking in line with the organization’s marking policy encouraging students to respond to the feedback. ➢ Record and make use of summarize and formative assessments to secure progress undertaking pastoral duties. ➢ Actively participate in various school committees. ➢ Participate in meetings at school, which relate to the curriculum for the school or the administration or organization of the school, including pastoral arrangements. ➢ Attend parents’ meetings and be appropriately prepared to discuss student achievement and well-being. ➢ Participate in arrangements for further training and professional development as a teacher.
Lecturer in Computer Science, (February 2006 – November 2008)
Eritrea Institute of Technology, N.E Africa

Eritrea Institute of Technology, N.E Africa
Lecturer in Computer Science
Feb 2006 - Nov 2008

➢ Engaged the class as per the redesigned lesson plans. ➢ Participate in relevant meetings with colleagues, parents and be involved in links with external agencies as part of curriculum enrichment. ➢ Carry out the role of a form tutor. ➢ Fulfill the administration and assessment requirements of the examining body. ➢ Support other members of the curriculum area and students as appropriate.


Noorul Islam University, India
Ph. D in Computer Science
Jun 2018 - Current

The research proposes a high performance novel network security method namely “High secured authentication method for web applications” (HSAMWA) based on the three security attributes like User Id, Password and Fingerprint to provide key solutions for the demerits of the existing network-security-schemes. The proposed method makes strong contributions against the three chief network challenges viz. Enhanced user authentication, Protecting from Hackers, and Playback attack. The HSAMWA method comprises of the following three algorithms.
➢ Novel algorithm for Fingerprint Verification
➢ Novel Encryption algorithm for user oriented data security
➢ Novel Hash Generation algorithm to prevent playback attack.
➢ The proposed network security methodology HSAMWA is apt for web based applications such as Net banking, Face Book, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Bharathidhasan University, India
Master of Computer Application
Jun 1992 - Jun 1995

The duration of MCA course is total three academic years. It is a full-time postgraduate course. This course has been divided into six semesters with the duration of six months each. The first year of this course focuses on the skill developments in computers, the second year is aimed for providing a conceptual framework and the third year offers the specializations and project work.

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