Material Planner/ Material Coordinator/Material Controller
  • Experience of planning, logistics, and supply chain in manufacturing environments
  • Strong understanding of inventory management, finance, operations, and chain fundamentals
  • Excellent negotiation, coordination, and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail with experience of inventory planning
  • Skilled in prioritizing needs of materials and shipment
  • Sound knowledge of ERP planning, computer, and math
  • Knowledge Saudi Aramco Material System and SAP operations Computer Operations: Microsoft Office packages.
Last Resume Update January 15, 2019
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Saudi Aramco
Material Planner / Expediter
Jun 2013 - Current

Responsible for determining the needed materials, quantity needed, availability, identifying the substitute incase the requested materials is not available in stock, suitability of the materials received or available to perform a particular job.

Responsible for checking the materials received from the material expediter and issuing them to the area supervisor as per schedule.
Saudi Aramco: Company General Use

Conducts and improves forecasting activities and method in order to maintain effective inventory levels.

Analyses pertinent data such as usage history, lead times, and inventory, analysis and marker trends in order to maintain established operational readiness metric.

Develops and maintains documentation and procedures for demand planning processes and system are effectively met.

Prepares and report forecast and inventory measurement to communicate it to SABGSD management.

Provides lead Time (LT) analysis and recommends forecasted material ordering based on Operation & maintenance plans in order to ensure timely availability of material requirements.

Coordinates with Operations in order to ensure effective material requirement Planning (MRP) and works closely with Purchasing to ensure material delivery as per MRP.

Reviews levels of inventory in order to identify excess or obsolete material and take appropriate action to reduce inventory.

Planning material such as 9catalog, 9commodity, direct charge, B2B materials to order thru SAP system using Transaction code: IW32 MMBE, MD04, ZM0800, IH03, ME23N, ME53N, ZM110R, and MK03. Follow-up MRP controller to release Purchase Requisition, follow-up purchase group for RFQ to expedite placement order, follow-up purchase order to vendor to expedite delivery of materials to publish ASN (Advance shipment notice), collection note, follow-up carrier to publish FCN until delivery note to DPC. Knows the process of DPC issuance section on how to get the order materials. (Material workflow process.)

Supply chain user: Material Override System from different approve Saudi Aramco plant to get specific materials prior for approval. Create temporary access (TGA) and material gate access in the system.

Responsible for periodic visit to the area to general inventory of the equipment, furniture, etc., related to general Maintenance and prepare the form for updating the equipment in SAP system.


Mastech Dagupan City
Computer hardware servicing
Feb 2006 - Mar 2008

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