Ph.D.Tech. in Chemical Engineering with 18 years experience









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E-38/4- Type Quarter,

D.R.D.O. Township, Phase-II

C.V. Raman Nagar,

Bangalore- 560 093

Karnataka, INDIA        



EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:   2007 Doctor of Philosophy (Technology) [Ph.D. Tech.]

In Chemical Engineering &Technology

University Department of Chemical Technology, (UDCT),

Rename as  Institute of Chemical Technology, (ICT)

Mumbai University, Mumbai.   2001 Master of Technology [M. Tech.]

In Chemical Engineering &Technology

Laxminarayan Institute of Chemical Technology, (LIT)

R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.   1995 Bachelor of Science and Technology [B.Sc.Tech.]

In Chemical Engineering &Technology

Laxminarayan Institute of Chemical Technology, (LIT)

R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.   1992


  Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.]

In Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics.

Amolakchand  Mahavidhyalaya,

Amaravati University, Yavatmal.   2004

  Certificate course in Chemical Technology Management for Doctoral Students of U.I.C.T. (Three semesters), Mumbai University, Mumbai.



   Senior Research Fellowship, funded by University Grants Commission, Government of India, at University Institute of Chemical Technology (UICT), Matunga, Mumbai.


Research Experience                                                                             

   August 1999 -Saptember 2001

As a Masters student at Chemical Technology Div., LIT, Nagpur. India.


   October2001 –May 2005            

UGC -Senior Research Fellow at the Chemical technology Div., University Institute of Chemical   Technology (UICT), University of Mumbai, India.



Name of Organization Period of Experience  No. of Years Position Salalah College of Technology, Salalah

Sultanate of Oman 10th September 2015 to

26 August 2018         


       lecturer M.V.J. College of Engineering,

Bangalore  20th June 2012 to

07 September 2015 3.3 Professor University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradoon 16 Jan 2012to

18 June 2012 0.5 Associate Professor Padmini Aromatics Pvt. Ltd.(R & D), Bangalore 1/06/2005  to 31/12/2011 6.5 Sr. Research Officer University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai University, Mumbai 1/9/2001 to 30/05/2005 3.8 Senior Research Fellow

(U.G.C.Granted) Rohit Paper Mills Ltd., Valsad 01/04/1997 to 01/08/1999 2.4 Asst. Shift Supdt. Indo Afrique Paper Mills Ltd, Pune       01/05/1995 to 30/03/1997 1.9 Shift Incharge   Total 20. 10 Years  





  • Teaching to B.Tech.: Heat transfer, Mass Transfer, Process Calculation, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Instrumentation & Process control , Engineering Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Mechanical Operation, Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Health and safety, Chemical Process Industries, Energy conversion, Transport Phenomena.
  • Teaching to M.Tech.: Advanced Thermodynamics, Process Dynamics and Control, Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering and Fermentation Technology.
  • Project Guide for M.Tech. and B.Tech Student
  • Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics Lab Practicals.
  • Written project Proposals  to AICTE, CSIR, DST, MNRE, UGC, VTU
  • Worked as Deputy Chief Superintendent (External) for UG/PG examination duty in Visvesvaraya Technological  University (VTU)
  • Worked as member of Board examiner in examination scrutinizing committee.
  • Worked as member for National Board Accreditation (NBA) committee.
  • Worked as squad chief member duty for Visvesvaraya Technological  University (VTU)
  • Worked as International slandered assessment committee member.


Product Technology Development & Transfer Div. (R & D) with Padmini Aromatics Research and Development Centre (Padmini Products Pvt. Ltd.), 137, K.Kamraj Road, Bangalore – 560 042


  1. Product Development:  Multistep connective chemical reactions, Organic synthesis, purification, and analysis of novel small fragrance molecule compounds. Utilize various methods to perform synthesis under general direction. Independently evaluate and troubleshoot synthesis problems.
  1. Process Development: Actively Participate in development of an indigenous process in the lab scale and to carry out process optimization, process integration, process intensification and cost reduction for the efficient development of the process. To study the manufacturing process of new products at Lab, Kilo lab level for feasibility at commercial level
  2. Scale-up & Technology Transfer: Scale up for lab model to Pilot plant and then to industrial Scale. Redesign, modify, upgrade, and revamp the process on pilot plant and industrial scale.
  3. Preparation of Technology Transfer Document containing. time cycle, Material balance, Equipment Requirement and its modifications, PFD, Solvent recovery procedure and its recycle, Waste generation Process Hazop
  4. To identify Key Raw Material (RM) suppliers and co-ordinate with Purchase dept. for its Procurement and Delivery.
  5. Manufacturing site Evaluation: To identify  Mfg. site for Technology transfer and Commercialization of the Product based on the Equipment requirement ,Product Cost as well as Regulatory Requirement
  6. To Co-ordinate with Analytical, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Dept for efficient Technology transfer
  7.  Conversant with GMP norms, Regulatory Requirement.
  8. Motivation and Training: To motivate the sub-ordinates so as to derive the strength from diversity of my team under the dynamic environment to deliver value added results to an organization. Training of sub-ordinates on shop floor.
  9. Commitment: Building commitment to the project and creating the project plan and developing contingency plans for anticipated roadblocks for the successful execution of the project.


  1. Independently evaluate and troubleshoot synthesis problems.
  2. Expertise in lab scale and pilot plant designing and conducting experiments independently.
  3. Experience and familiarity with all key unit operations used in the manufacturing of fine chemical, intermediates of specialty chemicals.
  4. Ability to consult, analyze and prioritize large amounts of technical literature from varieties of information channel and capable of carrying out process development plans based on this information.
  5. Excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills.
  6. Basic knowledge of computers, well conversant with various software packages.


Achievements     : Seven new products were researched and developed and Scaled up for lab model to Pilot plant and then to industrial Scale.


Ph. D. (Tech) RESEARCH TOPIC:Studies on Cottonseed products having potential therapeutic value


  1. Protein Separation: After gossypol and oil extraction kernel was treated, and separated high quality protein by precipitation techniques which is suitable for human food protein supplement as well as for use in poultry and fish feed.
  2. 2. Amino Acid Purification by Column Chromatography: Meal protein was hydrolyzed by acid hydrolysis and the arginine (Amino acid) purified up to (99%) by Ion Exchange column chromatography method for its therapeutic use. Different chromatography methods tried for the purification of amino acids like Reversed phase chromatography, Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography, Affinity Chromatography, Ion exchange Chromatography.
  3. 3. Chromatography Modeling: The optimized data obtained by above chromatography method were run over freundlich and Langmuir models and match model was selected.
  4. 4. Extraction & Refining: Oil has been extracted from cottonseed by mixed solvent in such way that gossypol and oil were separated. Oil was refined and the gossypol was extracted and purified (99%) from soap stock.
  5. 5. Extraction & Crystallization: Gossypol has been extracted by aqueous acetone from the seed kernels and purified by crystallization process to a state (99%) for its therapeutic and other uses. The oil from the marc was extracted by hexane and the meal was utilized for protein extraction



Synthesis, Names Reactions, Separation and purification techniques, Ion exchange Chromatography purification, Bio-separation, Distillation, Evaporation, Adsorption, Protein separation, Precipitation and crystallization technique, Oil extraction method development, Oil Refining, Soap and surfactant, Analytical Method Development .




  •  “Studies on Kinetics and Optimization of Total Polyphenol Extraction from Black Gram (Vigna mungo L.) using Response Surface Methodology”, by Manish S. Khodwe*, Liny.P.  Paper Presentation at 66th Annual session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers,  CHEMCON-2013, International conference arranged by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineering at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Adsorption Kinetics Studies of Activated Carbon Fabric for the Removal of    Volatile Organic Components” by Akhil George, Prithvirajan, Solanki Chatterjee, SutapaMudi, Soundarajan Krishnan and Manish S. Khodwe* Department of Chemical Engineering, M.V.J. College of Engineering AndG.K. Kannan, N.S. Kumar, Defence Bio-Engineering and Electromedical Laboratory.Paper for  presentation at 66th Annual session of Indian Institute  of Chemical Engineers, CHEMCON 2013 - International conference arranged by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineering at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • “Isolation of Gossypol from Cottonseed and Preparation of Gossypol-free Cottonseed Cake” , by Manish Khodwe and D.N. Bhowmick

Oral Presentation at 65th Annual session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers,      CHEMCON-2012, International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Energy and Environment in Process Industries & International Conference on Energy and Environment Organized by Doaba Regional Centre Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers & Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Panjab. During December 27-30, 2012

  • “Isolation of proteins from cotton oil seed” by Manish Khodwe and D.N. Bhowmick

Poster Presentation at 5th International food convention on Innovative Food Technologies & Quality Systems Strategies for global competitiveness, CFTRI, Mysore, INDIA, during 5-8th December 2003





  1. Manish Khodwe and D.N. Bhowmick, “Separation of Gossypol from cottonseed and preparation of Gossypol-   free cottonseed cake”, International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, 2013 (IJRSR), Vol.4, Issue, 8, pp. 1290-1295, August, 2013.
  2. Liny P., Manish S. Khodwe & Shashikala M.“Geometric and Gravimetric Charecteristics of Black gram”, International Journal of Development Research, 2013 (IJDR), Vol.3, Issue, 9, pp.013-016, September, 2013.
  3. Liny P., Manish S. Khodwe & Shashikala “Rehydration behavior of Blackgram”, International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, 2013, (IJRSR), Vol.4, Issue, 7, pp. 1036-1040, July, 2013.
  4. Supriya, M., Sashikala, M., Manish S. Khodwe, Soundarajan Krishnan & Vynatheya, “Studies on the Potential of Silver-Coated Cenosphere-Polycarbonate Composites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding”, International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, 2013, (IJRSR), Vol.4, Issue, 11, pp. 1736-1740, November, 2013.
  5.      Alark, R., Anoop, K.V., Meenakshi, D.S., Supriya Rani, G., Sashikala, M.,    Vasundhara, K.R., Manish S. Khodwe and Soundarajan Krishnan, “Studies on Adsorption of Pb (II) and Hg (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution using Modified Chitosan as Adsorbent”, International Journal of Development Research, 2013, (IJDR), Vol.3, Issue, 12, pp.001-007, December, 2013
  6. Liny P., Manish S. Khodwe, “optimization of total phenolic content from black gram

             extract using response surface methodology”, International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences, Int J Pharma Bio Sci 2017 July; 8(3): (P) 292-301

  1. Manish Khodwe and D.N. Bhowmick, “Isolation and purification of Arginine from cottonseed cake by column chromatography”, communicated to, “Journal of Chromatography”.
  2. Manish Khodwe and D.N. Bhowmick, “Isolation and purification of gossypol from cottonseed by precipitation method”, Communicated to, “Separation Science and Technology”.





HPLC (Shimadzu), UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu), GC(Shimadzu), HPTLC (Desaga), Infra Red Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS),  Biologic Duo-flow (BioRad), Karl Fisher, Gel Documentation system (BioRad), Electrophoresis, Amicon membrane filter, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator.


  1. Tech. Project title. Studies in lubricating greases prepared from metallic soaps of some traditional and non - traditional oils”.



Name                                       :           Dr. Manish Sudhakar Khodwe

Sex                                          :           Male

Date of Birth                           :           11th Feb 1971

Nationality                              :           Indian

Marital Status                         :           Married


REFERENCES           : 


Dr. Amit P. Pratap
Associate Professor, (Head of Department)
Department of Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants Technology,
Institute of Chemical Technology,
(University under Section-3 of UGC Act 1956, Formerly UDCT/ UICT, NBA Accredited "A" Grade by MHRD)
Nathalal Parekh Road,
Matunga (East), Mumbai - 400 019


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Dr. Virendra Rathod

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering Dept.

Institute of Chemical Technology (Formerly UDCT), University of Mumbai,

Matunga, Mumbai 400 019,

Maharastra, INDIA.

(: 91-2233612020 (O), Cell: 9869534394 (M)

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Dr. S. M. Tambe

Research Officer

Department of Research and Development

Padmini Prodcts Pvt. Ltd.

K.Kamraj Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

Karnataka, INDIA.

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