Electrical Engineer

I'm electrical engineer looking for job opportunity. So, let me summarize myself in these following lines :

1- I'm electrical engineer. I have 5 years experience. with different types of projects.

2- I have strong knowledge in my major. Even I established 3 Electrical Courses Training :

(a) Basic Electrical Design.

(b) Electrical Lighting.

(c) Electrical Grounding.

3- I wrote  several books, and  the most important one speaks about  Matlab. which  is an engineering program.

4- Regarding the languages : Arabic and English. Excellent in both of them.

5- Plus of that  Member in American Council of Electrical Engineers

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

6- I can play different types of roles  Such as :

Electrical Project Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer, Electrical  Site Engineer, Electrical Consultant Engineer, Electrical Maintenance Engineer.

The rest of the other details in My CV. I hope that you can see it.

Last Word :

It is very rare, to find  resume with these specifications and qualifications :

Experiences + made courses in electrical + writing books + English & Arabic languages.

All these things give you a simple indicator. This person has possibilities and deserves at least an opportunity.

I hope I can hear something from you soon.

Best Wishes

Eng.Hassen AL-Rasas

Last Resume Update September 12, 2018
Address Dammam, Saudi Arabia
E-mail rasasi99@yahoo.com
Phone Number 0542825762


AYC For Trading and Contracting
Electrical Site Engineer
Feb 2016 - Current

1. Supervision of electrical installation such as power cables pulling with
different sizes like 300 mm2, 185 mm2, 120 mm2 single and multi cores from
power substations to packages substations & switchgears , in different places
in the project.
2. Beside that dealing with the installation of these packages substations and
these switchgears. Including method of statement, test results ............etc.
3. Grounding installations.
4. Switchgears room , power transformers & auxiliary transformers.
5. Installations inspection with QC Electrical Engineer to ensure conformity
with the project specifications before energizing.
6. Knowledge of Aramco Standard. Because all the installation in this project
must be according to Aramco Standard.
7. Coordinate with electrical and other disciplines engineers to ensure full
compliance of the project electrical design with the requirements specified on
project design scope.

Kinetics Germany GmbH Branch Saudi Arabia
Electrical Engineer
Nov 2013 - Dec 2015

1. Assistant Supervisor of electrical installations operations. To complete the
assigned job satisfactorily on time and within budget. Project Planning &
management support.
2. Responsible for inspections of electrical materials. To ensure conformity of
electrical materials for the project specifications. Also Inspections of
electrical materials after installation with the consultant.
3. Follow-up electrical drawings like shop drawings, AFC drawings & as built
drawings. Moreover, the electrical documentations like materials submittals.
4. Coordinating with draftsman's for preparation of electrical drawings.


King Saud University
Jan 2004 - Mar 2009

Electrical Engineering

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