Female Middle High School Mathematics - 23 yrs Experience

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To whom it may concern

I am a matured 57 years of age South African, professional, well-trained Mathematics educator (B.Sc. in Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics).  I am an organized individual who is enthusiastic and dedicated to my career in Mathematics.  As an educator of Mathematics, I encourage students by praising good behavior, through positive reinforcement.

I am fair, transparent, and trustworthy, with a passion and drive for quality education.  I strive to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle by engaging in multiple activities varying from the academics to outdoors.  I believe that personality is just as significant as teaching experience.

Through the span of my career (Gr 4 - Gr 11 Higher Grade; curricula American, GCSE, South African National Curriculum (NCS and CAPS), I obtained strong communication skills, both verbally and in writing. I have management and leadership experience in my subject area, through which I gained experience in developing curricula and programs, and knowledge of differentiated methodology.  I have experience in secondary phase teaching of more than 20 years – in South Africa and abroad.

I showed the ability to improve the average of my students up to 20% – anything is possible through hard work and I use opportunities in life to empower myself. To be part of a team and management that shares my enthusiasm, is more than a plus.

My philosophy: I am flexible to adjust and adapt to cultural differences. I aim to create a dynamic and creative unbiased environment that addresses and encourages unique learning styles for every student. I encourage students to take an active role and participate in the lessons.  I respect students as individuals through creating engaging lessons with the aim to facilitate learning by questioning to transfer information in a way to demonstrate the mastering of knowledge learned. I truly believe that a child who demonstrates his skills to another, have fully acquired the learning objective. I want to be a role model for students and assist them with the necessary mathematical and personal skills to achieve their goal in becoming self-driven global citizens.

If you are looking for a committed, well organized professional, eager to work in a fast paced, student-centered environment, please allow me the opportunity to show my strengths. I like to teach Middle School (Gr 4 – 10) to get students enthusiastic about Mathematics, to build their confidence and what is required for their next grade.

I am available as soon as possible and willing to relocate (my husband will not join me). 

Kind regards

Dalina Knoblauch

+966 50 713 7998 and +27 72 5111247 mobile

+27 16 3492012 landline

Last Resume Update February 16, 2019
Address Heidelberg, South Africa
E-mail dalinaknob@gmail.com
Phone Number +966507137998
Website http://linkedin.com/in/dalina-knoblauch-97782689

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