I am an energetic, self-motivated and passionate third year English teacher.

I am a third year English Home Language teacher. My goal is to create change and enrich a society of learners academically as well as holistically.

I certainly strive for the best in all I do, especially, meeting the needs of my learners.

I serve on the School Management Team. I am the head of discipline at my school and I manage all disciplinary hearings.

Not only can I take the lead, I work well within a team. I have collaborated with many of my colleagues on various tasks; setting up examination question papers, term tests and tasks aligned to the curriculum and as set out by the education department.

I am a firm and stern educator and discipline is of utmost importance to me to ensure that effective teaching and learning takes place.

I am the head of grade 8 English. My responsibility is to teach and draw up the teaching plan for the year. I am responsible for setting up assessments and examination question papers for the grade.  I am also responsible for setting up lesson plans for each lesson covered/to be covered. As an experienced grade 8 teacher I am also responsible for monitoring new entrants (teacher’s) to ensure that effective teaching and learning take place and to ensure that teaching is done fairly and correctly. I am also the subject head for Tourism at my school. I am the only Tourism teacher, therefore, I am responsible for all administrative duties regarding the subject and also responsible for setting of examination question papers for grades 10, 11 and 12.

Last Resume Update October 31, 2020
Address Cape town, South Africa
E-mail aliciacetson@gmail.com
Phone Number +27787024962

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