Metallurgical Engineer

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Location Manama, Bahrain
Date Posted October 6, 2020
Category Science & Engineering



A reputed local company is looking to hire Metallurgical Engineer.

Applicant must be in Bahrain.


Field: Manufacturing / Foundry / Production / Design / Analyze / Quality

Qualification – Bachelor in Metallurgical Engineering

Experience: 5+ years in Sales Engineering / Mechanical projects

Competitive Salary + Medical Insurance and other benefits as per Bahraini Law.

Interested applicants please send resume to: ( [email protected] )

Please mention "Metallurgical Engineer" in subject of your mail.



-- Metallurgical Engineer Duties and Responsibilities --


-- Conduct Material Analysis --

Conducting research on materials using a variety of methodologies. Metallurgical engineers may use X-rays to examine a metal’s structure or look at its molecular structure using an electron microscope. Metallurgical engineers also conduct tests to see how metals react to extreme conditions such as high heat, extreme cold, or physical stress.


-- Design Extraction Methods --

Create and improve methodologies to extract metals from rock and ore, with a focus on ensuring complete extraction without damaging the metal itself. In this aspect of the role, metallurgical engineers may identify opportunities to enhance the efficiency of extraction methods or reduce their environmental impact. These methods may also contribute to efforts to identify metals and alloys within rock.


-- Devise and Produce Alloys --

Devise and produce alloys of multiple metals for use in a variety of industrial projects. Based on client or manufacturing specifications, metallurgical engineers may need to balance a number of factors, such as the amount of stress an alloy can withstand without failing, its resistance to corrosion and temperature-based degradation, and balance of weight and strength.


-- Monitor Metal Fatigue --

Assessing metal fatigue can be a central duty. These metallurgical engineers may work closely with fabricators and designers to understand outside stressors that can create fatigue within metals, testing prototypes to make sure they can bear expected loads and don’t contain areas that are prone to failure. They may also engineer solutions to these issues and introduce them into manufacturing and design processes.


-- Support Quality Control --

Support quality control processes in manufacturing, refining, and extraction. This can involve on-site observations of procedures to ensure that workers are adhering to best practices or collecting samples to test within a laboratory setting. In this aspect of the role, metallurgical engineers may also prepare reports and make presentations to decision-makers to support quality enhancement procedures.


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