Company Location Yemen, Yemen

I have been working at Yemen Company for Sugar Refining as a Mechanical Technician
& Operator since 16/5/2011 up to now.
 Main duties:
1- Operation & Maintenance All pumps Like ( Centrifugal, Screw , Gear , Diaphragm, Piston and
Lobe ) convert the bearings , lubrication , mechanical seal, Bushes, gears and impellers.
2- Assembly and Reassembly Screw Compressors, Vacuum, Fans, Conveyers ,Shafts, Motors,
Tanks, Piping Systems, Welding, Heaters, Valves, Chillers, Fire Fighting pumps, cooling
tower, and Alignment.
3- Applied all types of Maintenance like: Preventive, proactive, predictive, breakdown, Routine,
Overall, Shutdown, and Emergency Maintenance
 Operate Many of Suction of Refining Sugar Like :
 Raw sugar Remelting , Carbonation, Liming, Co2 , Candle filters, Press filters, Decoloration,
evaporation, Crystallization, Centrifugal ,Drying , Storage ,Packing , and Chemical Materials.
 Skilled at dealing with problems of process and Solved it .
 supervisor In Process Refinery For Installation, Assembling Different Equipment And
Devices(Cooling Tower, Mixer, Motors, Tanks, Pumps ,Heat Exchanger, compressors, Coal
Transport Conveyors, Raw Sugar Conveyors ) in the company From various Brand (Desmet
,Thermax ,Robson ,Silver,Wiebul, Mixel,Morel)
 Supervisor for many contraction companies' works, and responsible for their invoices.
 Piping Technician who leads teams of fabricators, welders, pipe fitters, and workers. I'm
responsible for fabrication and installation (18 kilometers) of Carbone steel , Stainless Steel
Piping and Plastic Pipes (PVDF) with foreign experts .
 Skilled at dealing with piping drawings, and I have a good analysis skills of equipment's'
 High Experience For Various Types Of Welding (Electric ,Argon ,Tungsten, Spot And
Projection) And For Various Kind Of Welding Machines.
 Quality control Inspector for Pipes welding either Shielded arc welding or Tungsten Inert
Gas welding (TIG).
 A good knowledge about Hydrostatic Test, Piping Support, Insulations, and Non Destructive
Test (NDT, WPS, PQR, HTP, WPQ, and ITP)
 Familiar with applicable Codes & amp, Standard (Like ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API, MSS)
 Installing all types of valves such as ( ball valve, check , gate , globe, control, butterfly , and
swing check valve )

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